integrated voice/data terminal

integrated voice/data terminal
   IVDT configurations range from computer terminals with telephones; telephones with built-in display screens and the ability to interface with computers; and, in some instances, systems consisting of a cluster controller and multiple handset/screen keyboard stations, each cable-connected to the controller. Some IVDTs are PBX-proprietary devices, while other are independent standalone devices. IVDTs generally consist of a DTMF telephone handset or speakerphone, an integral or a detachable CRT; a QWERTY keyboard; and a powerful microprocessor. Options may include printer; an LCD or plasma display; a numeric keypad; a modem, usually of low speed; mass storage, usually in the form of a Winchester disk subsystem; communications software; data base or mainframe access; and TTY interface capabilities. Voice and data signals can be transmitted over two separate lines; multiplexed over a single line; or simultaneously transmitted over one line. Applications include voice communications, data processing, and various types of communications relating to payroll and financial planning, sales forecasting, inventory management, document handling, and image and graphic information transfer.

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